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Visual art from THE WEEK by Nome.

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Art by Nick Norwood


It’s pretty gross out right now, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting deep into it tonight. There are two parties in Brooklyn that we’ll be twirling faster than Stevie Nicks on American Horror Story at, come spin with us!

HONEY: Bears in Space @ Villain

This Urban Bear party sounds like it will be hairy, sweaty and sweet as…you know where that’s going. $15 at the door.


Sink into the bowels of noise with The Carry Nation, with special guests Men’s Room. See you here late night. $5 before 12, $7 after.

DICKMAS IS FINALLY HERE!!!! Tonight is our holiday fantasy, DICK THE BALLS, and all the beautiful weirdos in Brooklyn will be there!

11PM @ Steel Drums (35 Beadel st)



☃☃☃ ☃☃☃ ☃☃☃ ☃☃☃


Will Sheridan

Lena Marquise

Chris Tyler

Boy Wolf

Amber Alert

Dee Dee Rex

Carolyn Gilliam

Robot Moonjuice & Friendz

☃☃☃ ☃☃☃ ☃☃☃ ☃☃☃


DJ Nita

DJ Sokolowski

JX Cannon

☃☃☃ ☃☃☃ ☃☃☃ ☃☃☃

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BOY WOLF: A Prophet of Pleasure


It isn’t everyday that you witness someone fuck themselves with a horn nor bathe and quench their thirst by pouring milk all over their body. Is this shock value, avant garde pubescence or simply how life is in a certain realm of thought?

Performance artist Paul Leopold’s Boy Wolf is the alternative answer to Generation Y’s America. Through spoken word, song, poetry, movement, video, myth and ritual, Boy Wolf invites his audience of peers to join in on the enchantment of his story, self-described as “a suburban prince’s fall into urban decadence, told as an orgasmic bacchanal drenched with animal sexuality”. Yet, it can also be aptly described as a prophecy of ultimate (and libidinal) pleasure through a queer lens. He is not concerned with the functions of capital America because he seems to have fallen out of that black hole with his first nocturnal emission; he is overwhelmed by the beauty of the pleasure that is excavated within parameters of sexual taboos.

Boy Wolf’s rituals seem to separate his work into a series of liberations. Boy Wolf, clad in meat and saran wrap, frees himself from the skin given to him by our world by cutting it off to reveal himself nude, or his natural state of another dimension. He liberates himself from the world of known reality while paying respect to it by binding himself with tefillin, which is used within the Hebrew faith to remind observant jews of god’s role in the exodus of Egypt. He adapts a new skin of latex and further cleanses himself in a shower of milk and ingests his own “meat” to pay respect to his earlier self. Boy Wolf then invites the audience to celebrate his Peter Pan-like pubescence through communal dance and song whilst protecting the energy Boy Wolf has shared with them.


Boy Wolf, as a product of the American Dream, refuses to wear the crown of the appropriation of dishonest diversity, the consistent yearn for attention of simple doings, the divine power of fiscality and, most importantly, the condemnation of the human body’s natural desires, which rings true as the Millennial American Dream. While the audience may feel shocked, it is a desire for true freedom that hooks them.

- Ryan Streit

- Photos by Tinker Coalescing for MIX NYC


The 26th annual MIX FESTIVAL opens today and seriously if you’re queer or queer friendly you MUST check it out! Radical beauties from around the world have taken over an enormous warehouse in Gowanus and outfitted it with dozens of largescale installations where tons of film screenings, performances and parties will happen all week!

We’re particularly excited about BOY WOLF's 30 min live performance on FRI at 11pm, Jason Ryan Yamas' “Not Me, Murphy” SAT at 8pm & DJ's ECON & VIV's all vynl all night long deep house set on Sat night.

Oh and did we mention that MIX NYC is an inclusive and diverse queer space where ANYTHING CAN AND WILL HAPPEN?! Yeah its pretty much the most exciting thing in the world this week. Check out the website, put some spandex on and fly over the rainbow!!!