OK, had to get that out of the way. Anyhoo…

Last night SPIN (with help from Refinery29 and Virgin Mobile) hosted a fashion week kick-off party at the über-trendy Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn. The party was full of beautiful Brooklynites who were there for the free booze and also wanted people to look at their carefully selected ensembles (I fully include myself in this, I rushed home before the party and attacked my closet like animal). SPIN was celebrating both the start of fall fashion week and their September “Look” issue with help from their covergirl, the brash queen of hip hip-hop (not a typo, the two “hips” are intentional), Azealia Banks.

Brooklyn band Hunters was up first and screamed their way through a thrashing set of punk rock tunes. Most of the crowd couldn’t be bothered to come watch, but those of us who did were totally into it. Hunters’ pink haired singer spent most of her time crawling around on the floor and smacking the guitarist. Nice.

As soon as they were finished I went outside for a quick smoke and then beelined it back to the “stage” (some carpets and amps on the floor) to make sure I had a good spot for Azealia. She came on promptly at 10, preceded by two dancers in black, and immediately launched into one of the best performances I’ve seen in recent memory. Disappointingly, most of the crowd didn’t know her material that well and weren’t dancing or screaming, but I more than made up for them. Yung Rapunxel performed a short set of her singles, staring with “1991” (the video for which was just released), then on to "Van Vogue" and “Liquorice”. Banks then blew through “Esta Noche”, a track from her mix-tape Fantasea which she revealed would be her next single. She then told the crowd, “This next song I wrote for everyone in this city,” and asked us what time it was. “212!!!!” This was when everyone went insane but no one more than me. Throughout her whole set Azealia had been coming over to me as I was the only one in front who actually knew her music and was dancing (and this was a private gig so she was literally standing in front of me, I was as close to her as it was possible to be without getting kicked out), and during “212” she came over to me and I pointed to her pussy on “and fit that t-tongue d-deep in” and SHE GAVE ME THE MIC and had me shout my favorite line of the track “I GUESS THAT CUNT GETTIN EATEN”. Yes. I may have had a stroke.

After that it was time to go, there was no way that party could get any better. Azealia Banks, I am putting this out into the universe/Interweb: let’s be best friends.